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Industrial visit to Horiba

Last week, the ASC students who are currently studying in Lille this semester had an incredible opportunity to visit HORIBA in Loos, near Lille.          

HORIBA is a global company that specializes in measurement and analysis equipment for various industries such as automotive, environmental, medical, and more.             

The visit could be organized thanks to one of our dear alumni: Alice Fiocco, post doctoral researcher at HORIBA.
It was a great opportunity for ASC students to step out of the classrooms and labs for an afternoon and gain some hands-on experience. They were able to learn about the company’s different departments and jobs through a tour of the facility and interactions with professionals from various fields, including engineering, research and development or production.

The team at HORIBA was incredibly welcoming and shared valuable insights about their work and the industry as a whole.

The visit to HORIBA was an eye-opening experience, helping students understand how their studies can translate into practical applications and discover possible outcomes in industry for future ASC graduates.

We look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.  
Thank you, Xavier Petit, site director, and HORIBA Lille for hosting the ASC students and providing them with a valuable experience!


Last modified : 14/04/2023 23:09:48