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ASC selection method


The selection of applications is coordinated by the selection board of the ASC master including members of the five partner universities (University of Lille, Leipzig University, University of Helsinki, Jagiellonian University in Krakow and University of Bologna).

Application for admission in the ASC programme is entitled to students holding a Bachelor in Chemistry or equivalent education in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry or Chemical Physics.
Students with a BSc in Pharmacy have enrolled and successfully completed the ASC master’s course in the past, although they may have had to catch up in some fields of chemistry. The selection board carefully screens the academic background of each applicant (content and level) to ensure all selected students will have all chances of success.

1. Administrative review and validation

Once the applicants have submitted their application, the programme’s coordinating institution will proceed with the administrative review and validation in order to remove incomplete or incorrectly completed applications (i.e. required information missing, document(s) not provided or provided not in English, illegible documents, etc.)
Incomplete or invalid applications will not be considered.


All applications are assessed by a centralized consortium commission. A weighting scheme is applied to the following selection criteria, assessed from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum), thus producing a weighted average:

  • Academic records of previous studies (coefficient 6, threshold 4)
  • Scientific background of undergraduate studies (coefficient 5, threshold 3)
  • Ranking of Academic Institution where undergraduate studies were done (coefficient 2)
  • Motivation letter (coefficient 2)
  • Mastering of English language (coefficient 2)
  • Recommendation letters (coefficient 1)
  • Acquired practical experience (coefficient 1)
  • Awards and grants (coefficient 1)

The final ranking of applicants is validated by the programme board.
Two final lists are established : a main list of selected students for the award of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (Partner country and programme country)  and a reserve list including all the remaining selected students.
The applicants placed on the reserve list will be offered to join the programme as self-funded students (without a scholarship).

3. Communication of results

After each call for applications and selection procedure, applicants are individually informed whether they have been offered a place with or without a scholarship, a place on the reserve list, or if they have not been selected.
The applicants are requested to confirm their acceptance of the decision to the Consortium.

Selected applicants will receive an email containing everything they need to manage their arrival (a letter of admission to the programme, a certificate of scholarship when applicable and a student guide).


Students who want to appeal the decision made by the consortium must send a filled “Appeal form” within 7 days after receiving notification of the selection results.
The ASC coordinator will prepare an argued response (possibly after consulting with the relevant EACEA staff), and both appeal and proposed response will be submitted to the board for approval. The student will be notified of the outcome of the procedure within 14 days after his/her appeal submission. This decision is final and cannot be subject to any further appeals.

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